Anthony House Services

Anthony House addresses homelessness by focusing on several broad and interrelated goals: 

~ Recovery and resiliency from substance abuse and mental health as a foundation for homelessness prevention
~ Improving parenting and family relationships
~ Sustaining gainful employment or eligibility for disability services
~ Stabilization of (HOUSING)
~ Building a healing and supportive community, and reintegration with mainstream society.

The target population for Anthony House is single, chronic homeless females, intact families, and pregnant/post partum women with substance use/abuse issues. The length of stay will depend on the severity of the individual/family’s situation, individual motivation and progression through the stages of the program.
Anthony House assists residents to build a future in which they become a responsible member of the community. This will be accomplished by providing interim and safe housing, wrap around services and rapid re-housing principles that will help to address the myriad issues, determinants and institutions that contribute to homelessness. Wraparound services refer to a comprehensive service provision model that guarantees that any of the services needed by an individual or family are integrated through a cohesive individualized services plan that guides all services. Anthony House provides opportunities on-site for other community based agencies to deliver services to the residents. Agencies work together to develop a plan of action for each family focusing on challenges related physical health care, employment, education, behavioral health, permanent housing, child care and transportation services.


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